Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DARKSOME THIRST to be Translated into German

Darksome Thirst German version

Well, here's some good news. My novel DARKSOME THIRST is being translated into German by an Austrian publishing company.

Otherworld Verlag to publish German-language version of Morven Westfield’s acclaimed debut novel Darksome Thirst.

Southborough, MA (PRWEB) September 13, 2006 -- Otherworld Verlag has obtained the German language rights for Morven Westfield’s acclaimed first novel, Darksome Thirst. Praising its authentic characters and the skillful integration of fascinating elements of witchcraft, Managing Director Michael Krug stated, "We are very pleased to win this impressive debut novel for our program." Before establishing his own publishing company with a partner, Krug translated authors such as Diana L. Paxson, Lynn Flewelling, Dave Duncan, Paul Kearney,and Chris Wooding for a large German publishing house.

Otherworld Verlag's first horror title, Brian Keene’s Bram Stoker-award winning The Rising, will be published early in 2007. Morven Westfield's Darksome Thirst will soon follow, appearing under the German title Brut Der Finsternis.

Darksome Thirst is a fast-paced, atmospheric tale of a young woman who must resolve the differences between what her logical mind tells her and what she is actually experiencing. Set in the late 1970s, Darksome Thirst is the first in a series of novels wherein Alicia and Meg battle against the unknown. Its sequel, The Old Power Returns, is expected to be released in early 2007.

About Harvest Shadows Publications
In these days of large corporate mergers and consolidation in the publishing industry, Harvest Shadows publishes what some of the larger publishing houses would consider niche titles, but we believe that readers should have a broader range of choices.

About Otherworld Verlag
Otherworld Verlag is a newly established Austrian publishing company specializing in phantastic literature. Following a similar philosophy as Harvest Shadows, Otherworld Verlag considers itself a publisher broadening the variety for German-speaking fans of phantastic literature by offering quality programs featuring highly innovative and talented authors, as well as established names such as Dave Duncan.

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