Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Witches' Almanac #36: New Articles

The Spring 2017-2018 edition (issue 36) of The Witches Almanac would make a good Yule gift. This issue's theme is Water: Our Primal Source.

In addition to its usual features — Moon Gardening, the Moon Calendar, Moon Cycles, and Presage, where astrologer Dikki-Jo Mullen gives us the astrological outlook for the upcoming year — it also contains numerous articles not related to water, including the following that I contributed:

"Corpse Doors"
"Easter Witches"

From the Nordic countries we find two fascinating bits of folklore, one ancient (“Corpse Doors”), and one extending into the current time (“Easter Witches”).

The Witches Almanac is widely distributed. You can find it your local bookstore, chain bookstores, Amazon, and, of course,, where you can also buy back issues.