Monday, September 24, 2007

Signing at Some Enchanted Evening, Saturday, Sept 8, 2007

It's been a busy summer, so busy that I've been behind in blogging. I don't know how people manage to blog everyday. I suppose it's like exercising, or writing, or flossing your teeth: You get into the habit and just do it. But that's the problem: I'm so busy doing the other stuff that I don't have time to blog! Whatever. I'm just not a creature of habit. I do it when I can.

Without further excuses, here's my recap of a book signing that I did at Some Enchanted Evening's 10th annual Psychic Faire, held in Spencer, MA.

This was the second time I've signed at their Psychic Faire, but the first time at their new location, an elegant old Victorian, which is just gorgeous. Is it the building itself or the fact that proprietor Diane Haynes is such a fabulous artist and decorator? I think it's the latter!

The building retains one of the features of old Victorians -- smaller separate rooms -- and each room is filled with beautiful, often shiny, things. I shared a room with candles, art, and tee shirts. Glass cases of pewter and porcelain figurines hugged the walls. Behind my signing table was a display tree on which dragon ornaments hung tantalizingly. I managed to avoid spending my earnings on the dragon ornaments, but fell prey to Diane's artwork, which you can see on

I bought a print of Cloak Room (4015), which I love for its colors and humor. Humor is evident in another one of her works, Pit Stop (4017), which I found only in the notecard size. I also bought Magickal Cabinet (4021) and am thinking of framing the trio and hanging them together in my writing nook.

Many people showed up for the Faire, and a lot of them stopped by my signing table to talk as they waited for their reading, which made it fun. Nothing's worse than being an author alone at a table twiddling your thumbs, so having people stop by and chat was a relief.

It was a great day, marred only by the fact that when I left, I was too dumb to let out the hot air from my car before I drove away or at least roll down all the windows for the first few miles.

Yes, I have air conditioning, but the car had been sitting closed up, in the heat (mid-90s), and in the short hour it took to drive home, the AC couldn't cool down the car enough. When I got home, I was hot. Really hot. I was still hot at 11 pm, even though by then I had taken a cool shower, had held cold cloths to my face and neck a few times, had drunk ice water, and had been sitting in air conditioning for hours. Next time I'll know to let the hot air out of the car first!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Interviewed on WitchCrafting Podcast

A few weeks ago I accompanied a friend to a signing where podcaster Karagan of The WitchCrafting Podcast was doing interviews. He turned the mike on me and has just posted the episode on his site. I'm very pleased with the results. You can listen to it or download it at

For more information on Karagan and his podcasts, visit his site at