Monday, December 29, 2008

Guess Alicia's Sun Sign

Are you one of those people who can just "tell" when someone's a Leo (or some other sign)? Yes? Then you're going to love this contest.

Alicia Anderson is the protagonist in Darksome Thirst and The Old Power Returns. She's about to start learning more about astrology as part of her general training in the occult sciences, which she's undertaking to help her in her battle against a particularly troublesome vampire. Can you guess her sign from her characterization in the novels?

First Prize

Guess her Sun, Moon, and Rising signs and win your choice of a Crystal Wheel or Floral Horoscope from Dikki-Jo Mullen.

Dikki-Jo is a nationally noted astrologer and spiritual counselor who has authored manynationally published articles. Her feature items and detailed astrology forecasts appear in The Witches' Almanac and Dell Horoscope publications, available in fine book stores everywhere.

Second Prize

Guess any two signs (sun/moon, moon/rising, and so on) and win a signed copy of the yet unpublished book three in the Alicia Anderson series and a copy of the 2009-2010 Witches' Almanac, in which my article on crystal balls appears.

You have until midnight Eastern Standard Time February 28, 2009 to post your entries. For full details, see the Contest Entry Page at