Friday, February 22, 2013

Ghosts, Spirits, and the Afterlife - Curses, foiled again!

Once again, an impending storm has interfered with our plans for a fantastic panel at Annie's Book Stop in Worcester scheduled for February 23, from 4-7 pm.

From the Annie's Book Stop in Worcester Facebook page comes this announcement:
"Due to weather concerns of snow, sleet and ice on Saturday the 23rd, taking into consideration the distance that some of our speakers would have to travel, we regretfully are cancelling our "Four Ghost Story Authors" roundtable event. We plan to reschedule this at a later date, hopefully when we are not competing with winter's rage."

Stay tuned for the rescheduling of The Event that Winter Tried to Stop! (Hey, three time's the charm, right?) Watch the Annie's Book Stop web page and Facebook page for details.

By the way, the bookstore WILL be open. The decision to cancel was based on the fact that some of the authors and attendees might be traveling from areas that will get the storm earlier than Worcester.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Interview Podcast: Scott Goudsward

In this episode I interview writer Scott Goudsward.

Scott's love of vampires began at an early age watching Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing on Creature Double Feature on Saturday afternoons. 

Scott always said he was going to write the massive vampire epic novel.  Trailer Trash was not it.  His first published story, also called “Trailer Trash,” appeared in the anthology The Darkest Thirst.  The novel was based on that story. 

Since then he has penned the screenplay for the short film “Granite Voice” and co-written two non-fiction books with his brother, David (Shadows Over New England and Shadows Over Florida). 
Currently he’s co-editing two anthologies for Chaosium with Rachel Kenley, Once Upon an Apocalypse, volume 1 and 2.  Scott's short fiction has most recently appeared in the Stoker Award-nominated anthology Epitaphs, and the forthcoming Carnival of the Damned and Atomic Age Cthulhu.

You can listen to the podcast directly at or download it from iTunes.

This series of short interviews are the result of me asking established writers about their vampire fiction. Many of them had written vampire fiction that I hadn't heard about because I was busy with work, night school, or life at the time of publication.

Previous interviewees in this series are writer F. Paul Wilson, who has been writing bestsellers for over thirty years; Heather Graham, guest of honor, New York Times bestselling author of over 150 novels and novellas; Jeff Strand, also guest of honor, who exquisitely mixes comedy and terror, and Hal Bodner, witty writer and bon vivant.

The next interview should be the one with writer Gordon Linzner, editor emeritus of Space and Time magazine.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ghosts, Spirits, and the Afterlife - Time Announced

 02/22/2013 - EVENT CANCELED due to impending snow storm. It WILL be rescheduled!

Annie's Book Stop of Worcester has announced the time for the "Ghosts, Spirits, and the Afterlife: A literary roundtable featuring New England members of Broad Universe. " This event had been postponed due to a blizzard.

Come join us on Saturday, February 23, 2013, from 4pm-7pm at

Annie's Book Stop Of Worcester
65 James Street, Worcester MA 01603
Terri Bruce, Jennifer Pelland, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, and Morven Westfield will share their differing approaches to writing about the subject matter as well as their knowledge of various beliefs, myths, and customs ranging from the lighthearted to the downright scary, from real-life encounters to those that are completely fictitious. The presentation will be followed by a book signing. Titles from each author will be available to purchase. 

This event is free and off-street parking is available.

Please note that parts of this presentation are not for children.

For more information, see the Annie's Book Stop of Worcester Events Calendar.

Be sure to check the web site for coupons and special offers.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ghosts, Spirits, and the Afterlife rescheduled

In anticipation of the megastorm this weekend (FEET of snow expected, not inches), Annie's Book Stop of Worcester has made the wise decision to reschedule Ghosts, Spirits, and the Afterlife:

"We have made the decision to reschedule our February 9th author roundtable event, GHOSTS, SPIRITS AND THE AFTERLIFE, until Saturday, February 23rd, time to be determined."

Read more here: