Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Book Review: How to Keep Writing with a Full Time Job

How to Keep Writing with a Full Time JobHow to Keep Writing with a Full Time Job by K.A. Laity
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K. A. Laity (actually, Dr. Laity -- she has a PhD in Medieval Studies) knows how to write, and how to write a lot. As she noted, "I wrote my novel Pelzmantel while I was writing my dissertation on Old English, Old Norse and Old Irish. I wrote The Mangrove Legacy as a 500-word-per-week serial that ended up over 100,000 words long. I’ve written academic works at the same time as I’ve been writing genre fiction. So keep in mind, I speak from the perspective of being a very busy woman with a demanding job, important relationships and a desperate need for idleness and fun."

This eminently readable eBook helps you push through your blocks to writing, make writing a priority, and actually do it.

Whether you're a new writer who has no idea where to start or a practiced writer who's lost the trail, this book can help you get on track.

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