Sunday, May 04, 2008

Morven's appearances in May

May is always fairly busy for me. There's always something to do (or ignore) around the outside of the house. It seems that people in New England start coming out of hibernation right about now and start having get-togethers, and events open up in general.

Here are two events I'm participating in in May.

Signing at Pandemonium Books (May 10, 2008)
Cambridge, MA
2:00 pm

I'll be signing books at Pandemonium Books and Games, 4 Pleasant St., Cambridge, MA 02139, with fellow members of New England Horror Writers. Authors include me, Inanna Arthen (Mortal Touch), Scott Goudsward (Trailer Trash, Shadows Over New England), Henry P. Gravelle (Ten Wide), Nate Kenyon (Bloodstone), Alisa M. Libby (The Blood Confession), L.L.Soares (Best of Horrorfind 2, Right House on the Left), and Jennifer Yarter-Polmatier (The Madness Within).

Founded in 1989, Pandemonium has been a Cambridge institution for almost two decades and has been the Boston area's premier source of science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural. For more information, visit their web site at

WisCon 32 (May 23-26, 2008)
Madison, Wisconsin
I'll be doing a short ("rapid-fire") reading with Broad Universe on Saturday at 1, in Assembly. At other times during the convention, I'll be taking my turn at staffing the Broad Universe table in the dealer's room. WisCon is the first and foremost feminist science fiction convention in the world, with offerings ranging from science fiction to fantasy to horror to non-fiction. For more info on the convention, visit

For more info on Broad Universe, see

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