Sunday, April 15, 2007

German Language Version, ARCs for sequel

Outside it's dark, cold, and very windy. Not very springlike, but that's okay. When one has news to announce about vampire novels, this is appropriate weather!

First, some news on the foreign front. It looks like the German translation of Darksome Thirst (translated as Brut der Finsternis) will be out soon! The detail page on the publisher's web site has a button for ordering from Amazon already.

I've put a thumbnail of the beautiful cover on the home page of my own website,, along with links to the publisher and the artist's web site. They've done a really great job.

The other news is that I've seen the advance reading copies (ARCs) of The Old Power Returns, the sequel to Darksome Thirst. I really love the cover and I think you will, too. Oh, and the story -- I think you'll really like that, too. I don't want to spoil it, but an early reviewer said something like, "I just finished reading the book -- at 4 a.m.! I cried when [character name removed] died -- each time!"

So there you have it. Someone will die. More than once. Curious? You should be. Remember that you can pre-order from Amazon. Harvest Shadows will be releasing the book in late June (I think the release date is June 23).


Unknown said...


I'm looking forward for the german version of "Darksome Thirst". I love vampires :-)
Sad but true, the original book is not available on So I have to wait for the german version.
Well, I wish you luck with the sequel. I'm a writer too and know how hard it is, to wait for a new release ;-)

Morven Westfield said...


Yes, unfortunately the English version of the book is not available on European Amazon sites because of the expense of the publisher shipping overseas. It costs around $4-6 US to ship to the UK, and I'm guessing that it would cost a similar amount to ship to Germany.

Harvest Shadows (the publisher) is investigating print-on-demand in the UK, which would mean that the publisher wouldn't have to pay a large amount just to get the book overseas. I don't think that would help you much. It still costs quite a bit to mail books from the UK.

Have you tried ordering the book from the US Amazon site? I think you can order it there and have it shipped to Germany. As I said, though, the shipping would be expensive.

Thanks again for the feedback and let me know what you think of the German version.