Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Belated Update on Boskone 44

The reading at Boskone went extremely well. The room was packed, the crowd was appreciative, and the [other] readers were excellent. Victoria McManus, Jennifer Pelland, Jessica Reisman, and myself read for approximately 12 minutes each. Three other writers were supposed to participate but were prevented by snow, loss of voice, and other reasons.

Boskone itself was excellent. Some of the other panels I attended included "Straddling the Line: SF and Mystery Hybrids," a discussion on how well (or not) SF mixes with whodunits; "Building Characters";"Making Writing More Vivid"; and "Scams to Avoid."

The new location, at the Westin Waterfront, was large, airy, and not too hard to navigate. I even braved the night air for a meal with friends at the No Name Restaurant.

The coffee in the Con Suite was excellent, the art was gorgeous, and the vendors varied. In other words, it was predictably good.

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