Thursday, January 09, 2020

Arisia 2020 Schedule

This year I'll be co-hosting two Meetups at Arisia. Meetups are small, intimate gatherings where participants sit together around a table (usually) and chat rather than sit in formal rows in a meeting room. Meetups give convention attendees a chance to get to know each other and to talk about things that are too specific for a larger group. (Oh, and did I mention they can be a lot of fun?)

Here's my final schedule. Hope to see you there.

Speculative Fiction Writers Cafe

Fri 5:30 PM Stone

Come meet up with other speculative fiction writers. Share ideas, read someone else's work, or just get together to talk about writing. This is a meetup event for writers of all backgrounds. Morven Westfield (moderator), Stephen R Wilk, Cadwell Turnbull.

Fans over 65 Meetup

Sat 4:00 PM Bulfinch

Have you been a fan all your life or did you recently get into fandom? Either way come get together with other fans over 65. Morven Westfield (moderator).

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firespirit said...

Fans over 65, right down my alley.