Monday, August 27, 2018

Witches Almanac #38 - New Articles

I've had a sneak peek at the proof copy of the upcoming issue of The Witches' Almanac, whose theme is Animals: Friends and Familiars.

Three articles of mine appear in Issue #38, Spring 2019-2020:

"Horseshoes"  — The folklore and future of horseshoes.

"The Black Dog"  — Phantom black dogs and what might happen if you encounter one.

"Horse Creatures"  — Planning a trip to Great Britain or Scandinavia? Familiarize yourself with the local water horses.

The Almanac also includes its usual features — Moon Gardening, the Moon Calendar, Moon Cycles, and Presage (where Tom Lang gives us the climate outlook and astrologer Dikki-Jo Mullen gives us the astrological outlook for the upcoming year).

Other articles in this issue: "The Deities of Animals", "Purple and Pleasure: The Folklore and Magic of Amethyst", "William Gray meets his Inner Light", "Understanding Familiar Spirits For What They Aren’t", “Beer and Witches”, “Gargoyles”, “Transgender in the Craft”, and “Coefficient of Weirdness, Part 3”, and an in-depth interview with Dolores-Ashcroft-Nowicki.

You can purchase The Witches Almanac at your local bookstore, Amazon, and, of course, the Witches Almanac site. This issue is expected to hit the shelves in September 2018.

The Kindle version is available from For back issues, visit either site.

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