Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Witches' Almanac #35: New Articles

The Spring 2016-2017 edition (issue 35) of The Witches Almanac has just been released. This issue's theme is Air: The Breath of Life, and features an article "Herbs of Air" (by Lilith Hearthstone), "The Nine Elements" (by well-known Druid Ian Corrigan), a compilation of quotes related to air, and "Breathe Easy" (by Tammi Wilson).

In addition to its usual features — Moon Gardening, the Moon Calendar, Moon Cycles, and Presage, where astrologer Dikki-Jo Mullen gives us the astrological outlook for the upcoming year — it also contains numerous articles not related to air, including the following that I contributed:

“The Magic of Kohl”
“Nyctophilia, or the Love of Night”
“The Cursed Amethyst and Other Cursed Gems”
“Breaking Glass”
“Sidonia von Bork, Sorceress”

Not just for beautification, kohl has magical properties. Read “The Magic of Kohl” to find out more.  “Nyctophilia, or the Love of Night” gives insight into why many of us love the night. “The Cursed Amethyst and Other Cursed Gems” explores some of the legends associate with cursed gems. We all know the superstitions associated with breaking mirrors, but what about those associated with breaking glass? "Breaking Glass" has some good news. Who was Sidonia von Bork? Read “Sidonia von Bork, Sorceress” and find out.

The Witches Almanac is widely distributed. You can find it your local bookstore, chain bookstores, Amazon, and, of course,, where you can also buy back issues.

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