Thursday, July 10, 2008

Closer to book three...

Now I don't have to cower when I go to Necon* at the end of next week and someone asks me, "So, Morven. Whatcha been up to? Working on your next novel yet?"

One of the things that's kept me from getting going with novel number three is that I need to get my head around what already happened in the first two books, what plot threads I left hanging, who's still alive, and so on.

Somewhere I heard/read about the concept of a "story bible" where one keeps all this info. Sure, I had a character/entity database and my notes on plots, and some chapter synopses, but I didn't have it all in one place. And so I embarked on creating a "Story Guide."

Last week I finished entering all the information for DARKSOME THIRST.

Next: Do the same for my second book, THE OLD POWER RETURNS.


* Necon is a convention I'll be attending. For more on where I'll be this summer, see

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