Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lunacon 2008: Part 3 (Reading with the Broads)

How could I forget to mention this? On Saturday night, I participated in a "rapid-fire reading" with other members of Broad Universe.

I always enjoy participating, as I might have said before, because I get to listen to the others' readings while I wait for my turn. This time, just because of where I was sitting, I was the last to read, so I got to hear some interesting readings.

First up was April Gray, reading from her very funny, "I'll love ya forever, but..." story of a woman whose husband shambles back from the grave -- and onto the white shag carpet.

Phoebe Wray read a selection from her just-released novel Jemma7729, a story of the future where an independent spirit rebels against a controlling State. In Phoebe's reading, Jemma sees the stars in the sky at night, stars she had been led to believe didn't exist anymore.

Racheline Maltese, whose Harry Potter trivia book was released in November, read next. (At this point I was starting to get jittery because I was up next, so I forgot to write down the name of what she read -- will get that info and update this later. Sorry, Racheline!)

Finally it was my turn. I read a scene from The Old Power Returns in which Frederick, the vampire, has promised his girlfriend that he'll go bowling with her and decides to practice. Bowling? A vampire? Yup! It's both funny and touching and I enjoy reading it. I tried to record my reading, as I did another time I read it. One of these days I'll listen to the two recordings and try to get at least a short excerpt posted.

Well, time to start winding down for bed. Hope you all have a good weekend,


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