Monday, December 17, 2007

Interview in Paper Dragon Ink

Hope you're staying warm and dry. We've had quite a bit of cold and snow up here in the northeast. Yesterday I saw two cars spun out on two different highways while trying to make it home after the latest storm. :-(

Want some good news for a change? I've been interviewed in the December 2007 issue of
Pandora's Gate, published by Paper Dragon Ink, "an online publishing company dedicated to providing entertainment and resources for creative independents with coverage of movies, novels, comic books, games and music." You can read the interview on page 3 at

Not a bad interview, if I say so myself. It covers the usual -- my two vampire novels (Darksome Thirst and The Old Power Returns), but also a little bit on writing. The magazine is laid out in landscape mode, with photos and illustrations on the right-hand side, a very pleasing layout for this magazine.

In addition to interviews with Jim Balent, Michelle St. Martin, Anastasia Rabiyah, Wendy Potter, and artist Niki Browning, this edition contains an introduction to the SCA by Jennifer Rhea. Check it out.


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