Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Enthusiastically recommended!

My latest novel, The Old Power Returns, was reviewed favorably by The Midwest Book Review (

They're well-respected and their reviews are published on CDs that librarians use for acquiring books. That's probably not as important for fiction as it is for non-fiction, but it shows how important a review this is.

The review is online now, in their August 2007 Small Press Bookwatch at

Here's what they had to say. Look at that last sentence!

"Set in the modern day, The Old Power Returns is a fantasy-horror novel about a group of Wiccans who must combine their powers and talents to confront a murderous vampiric menace. A dark saga of ancient hunger and the women who fought against it - or fell victim to it, The Old Power Returns seizes the reader's attention and does not let go until the final page. Enthusiastically recommended especially for fans of vampire stories."

Did you see that? "Enthusiastically recommended"!

I'm doing the happy dance!


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