Sunday, July 29, 2007

A busy July

July was an excruciatingly busy month. I guess it's good to be busy, and it was somewhat fun doing all the travel and events, but it made the month go by too quickly and now I'm facing that dreaded time of year -- the end of summer.

Some years, though, I don't find I dread it. I actually like the crisp autumn weather. This time I think I'm going to, though, because it just went by too fast.

Besides traveling and promoting the new book (The Old Power Returns), I've been doing a lot of blogging and socializing. I've sort of allowed myself the summer off to meet, greet, and connect. Come fall and winter, I'll start writing again.

I got a MySpace account and although I'm not too fond of the interface, I'm definitely loving the way it allows me to find and connect to other authors. Y'know, it's funny how one hears that the vampire sub-genre is dead, but then sees so many people who list that as an interest, and so many writers. I've stumbled across writers like Karen Koehler and a film called Bloodsucka Jones...

So many blogs to visit, and so little time!


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