Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Finished It!

FINALLY! I've finished the final draft of The Old Power Returns! Sort of...

What I've done is finished entering changes from the initial edit and also a final read-through. Out loud. Reading it out loud really helped me find problem areas, but it was a real pain in the throat. As much as I hated the physical part of it, I'd definitely do it again.

I've sent it off to the editor. She'll give it one last read-through and do a copy edit, which means, of course, that there will probably be a few more corrections. But I'm getting closer... Next step is off to the printer! I've seen the preliminary artwork for the cover and should be seeing the next pass of it soon.

I've also heard that the translation of DARKSOME THIRST, the first in the series, to German is coming along nicely. Keep an eye on Otherworld Verlag -- if you read German -- for the latest. Or surf over to my publisher's site (, which will carry announcements of its progress.

How totally exciting!

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