Sunday, November 05, 2006

Article in latest Witches' Almanac

Just got the 2007-2008 copy of The Witches' Almanac. Guess who's got an article on pages 12 and 13? Moi! You can order the book from either the publishers, The Witches' Almanac, or from my publisher, Harvest Shadows Publications. They also have the 2006-2007 edition, in which I had an article published, too, mainly because I have articles published in these editions.

The new edition has a glossy cover and is in a slightly larger format (now 6”x 9”) and looks great. You can even look at the table of contents online. There's even an article by their regular astrologer on Anne Rice's natal horoscope.

Oh, and my publisher currently has a deal where if you buy a book, any book, you can get the 2006-2007 (current year) edition for only $4.99 (available in the US only, though, because shipping costs are prohibitive outside the US). Oh, and they're also giving away some fun trinkets: a bottle opener and mood pencils. Check this out:

(Bottle Opener) Do your long talons make it difficult for you to pop the tops on your soft drink cans? Is lack of a bottle opener standing between you and your favorite refreshment? Seek no further... Unique conversation piece, great item for camping or dorm, this multi-functional beverage opener opens bottles and caps. Made of durable plastic, it's imprinted with the following memorable words: For your DARKSOME THIRST.

(Mood Pencil) Do you have the power? Test yourself and see! Okay, so it's just a mood pencil and it doesn't REALLY indicate whether you have the power or not -- just how warm your hands are. Amuse your friends as the pencil magically changes color and then returns to normal when it returns to room temperature.

Link for shopping area of Harvest Shadows Publications web site

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