Saturday, November 27, 2004

Morven Westfield, Horror Author

It's probably too late in the evening to come up with something witty and captivating, but I knew that if I didn't jump in and start this blog tonight, it would be weeks before I got around to it. You see, hubby is busy watching Kill Bill, Vol. 2, and I've got probably another half hour or more before I start falling asleep at the keyboard, and I was thinking to myself, "How hard could this blog stuff be? I'll just get it started now..."

How hard, indeed! Setting it up was, as I expected, easy enough, but having something to say after a day of working hard around the house is something else indeed. You see, today's goal was to put away the Halloween decorations -- No, don't panic. They weren't still out, but they were in a spare room waiting to be sorted and boxed and carefully tucked into the attic -- but, of course, it being Saturday, I had a zillion other things to attend to.

Enough of that. I supposed I should introduce myself. I'm Morven Westfield, which you've figured out already, no doubt, and I write horror novels. Or, as I said when I wrote the bio for my web site (

"Fascinated by the supernatural from an early age, I started writing the first sentences of my novel DARKSOME THIRST during lulls in activity as a second-shift computer operator many years ago.

Unable to devote myself full-time to my writing because of work and pursuing my Bachelor's degree at night, I shelved the novel until 1999. Life intervened -- as it often does -- and it was four more years before I finally completed the publishable draft.

DARKSOME THIRST, an unusual tale combining vampires and Wiccans and computers (oh, my!) made its debut in June 2003. Though I've published many computer manuals in my job as a technical writer, this was my first published work of horror fiction."

The novel (or, DT as I call it) has done quite well. The first printing sold out in 14 months. The second printing hit the streets only this week, but I have my fingers crossed.

I think I'll end here now, with promises to write again later, when I'm refreshed ad/or have something to say.

Sleep well...

Copyright ® 2004 Morven Westfield

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